Highlights for the Week of October 19

Third Grade

Third grade got a visit from students in the dental hygienists program at Missouri College.  They learned how to take care of their teeth, what to expect when you visit the dentist, and what foods and drinks are friendly for our teeth.

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Fourth Grade

While all St. Ambrose students are exposed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) throughout the curriculum, fourth grade won a grant to participate in STEAM which adds an art component to the STEM curriculum.  Instructors from COCA, Center of Creative Arts, join the fourth grade class at least once a week to incorporate arts into the STEM curriculum.  Students are currently working on adding their portrait to famous works of art.

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Fifth Grade

The fifth grade class used a mystery crime scene to practice making inferences.IMG_0894 IMG_0892 IMG_0893

Eighth Grade

On Monday, October 19, the St. Ambrose Middle School traveled to Belleville, Il to the Cathedral of St. Peter for veneration of the relics of St. Maria Goretti.  This visit was especially meaningful to the middle school students since one of the Houses in the House System is named after St. Maria Goretti. All of the students were able to take home two cards about Maria and Alessandro, which are Third Class Relics.

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