Highlights from the Week of September 21, 2015

3rd Grade

Students reviewed their spelling words using Body Spell on the GoNoodle website.IMG_0121

5th Grade

The 5th grade students used the computer lab to begin their Genius Hour research.IMG_7296

8th Grade

The 8th graders gathered as a class to recite the rosary at the Mary Grotto in the front of St. Ambrose Rectory.  It was a gorgeous morning and in order to prepare for our last day of testing, we wanted to celebrate our God and his creation.  We celebrated our last day of standardized testing, prayed for each other as we take our tests, and learned the mysteries and prayers of the rosary as well.  The 8th graders are also preparing to make their high school decisions and embark on their Confirmation journeys.  Please pray for them that the Holy Spirit will guide them on this, their last year at St. Ambrose.

20150924_083005 20150924_083016 (1)

The students also  took a walking field trip to offer a prayer at Yogi Berra’s home on the Hill.image3 (2) image4 (2) image5 (2)