Monday Memo September 5, 2017

Principal’s Corner

What a great privilege it is to be a parent! What a huge responsibility it is to be a parent! Parents are called to model a faith-filled example to their children, because parents are the primary educators of their children. A school cannot replace parental involvement.

Take a moment to think about how you model what you believe. Often, we as adults fail to remember that our children are always watching, and sometimes, it is what we do that speaks louder than what we say. This is a great time of the year to ask ourselves if we are modeling what we truly want our children to imitate.

Please remember to check Fast Direct daily. Important information will be found there daily. Have you looked at grades yet, checked the calendar for important dates, and looked to see when your next opportunity to volunteer could be? If you have not taken, Protecting God’s Children, please consider doing this now before field trips begin.

Dates to Remember

Sept. 6         PTO Board Meeting – 7 PM

Sept. 12       PTO Special Lunch

Sept. 14       Speech Team Tryouts – 3 PM Field Day

Sept. 18-22 Iowa Testing Week – Grades 3-8

Sept. 18       8th Grade Parent Meeting – 7 PM in the Cafeteria

Sept. 29       No School – Professional Development Day

Sept. 29       St. Ambrose Night at the Cardinals Game – 7 PM @ Busch Stadium

Back to School Bash

Thanks to St. Ambrose Forever for an amazing Back to School Bash at Berra Park! The event raised money to support an endowment for St. Ambrose School. Thanks to all of our school families and teachers who came out to enjoy the even and support our school. Over 84% of the student body along with their families were in attendance and four classrooms had 100% participation. It was  truly a fantastic evening of food trucks, shopping, live music, and fellowship.


Introducing our new teachers!

With the addition of a second Pre-K3 and Kindergarten classroom, we welcome two new classroom teachers to St. Ambrose.  We are happy to have them as part of the St. Ambrose team! (Next week meet our new specials teachers.)

Ms. Wilke

I grew up in St. Louis in St. Simon’s parish, but  attended school in the Lindbergh School District. I went to Rockhurst University and graduated with a BSBA in 1992. I have two sons, Connor is 16, and is a Junior at Webster Groves High School; and Aaron is 9, and is in 4th grade at Avery Elementary school. We have a hound mix named Lucky. I like to read, watch movies, take walks, and cook when I have time.


Mrs. Cunningham

I am excited to be a part of the St. Ambrose school family this year! I grew up in Wildwood and love spending time finding new experiences in and around the St. Louis area. 
I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Missouri State University and Master’s from Maryville University. Throughout my 15 year teaching career, I’ve taught Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade. I joke that it is because they are shorter than me – I never achieved my height goal of 5 ft!! I have been married to my husband Dave for 13 years and we have two children and a cat. Graiden is in 3rd Grade and Ashlyn is in 1st Grade. My hobbies include soccer, football, and cheerleading practices/games (and reading when I can find the time)!

Penthouse News

Iowa Testing

Beginning Monday September 18th students in grades 3 through 8 will take the Iowa Assessments, a standardized test. It measures how a student performs academically compared to other students across the US in that grade in the fall. The Iowa Assessments are given archdiocese-wide during this week. The results are used to help measure progress individually and as groups/classes. Your child’s results will be shared with you at parent-teacher conferences at the end of October.

Here are some things parents can do to help children improve test performance:
1. Encourage reading. Read with your child, to your child, and let your child see YOU enjoying reading.
2. Have family time that includes discussion.
3. Use everyday opportunities to let your child problem-solve.
4. Have your child write notes, journals, emails and stories.
5. Talk about current events; look at maps together.
6. Look over classroom tests with a positive analysis of any errors.
7. Let your child follow written directions such as recipes, projects, games, assembly.
8. Use the library and internet to research topics of interest.
9. Have your child maintain a regular school day schedule, getting plenty of sleep, healthy diet, and arriving at school on time.
10. On the days of testing make sure that your child has a good breakfast, gets up early to avoid the stress of rushing, and encourage your child to do his/her best.

Make sure your child understands that tests ARE important.

PTO News

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended this year’s PTO Bocce Tournament!  Congratulations to the winners Rich Lecinski and Mona Monteleone and Runners-up Larry and Maureen Fuse!


St. Ambrose Choir

This week students in grades 4-8 are invited to join the St. Ambrose Choir. Choir members lead the singing and   volunteer as cantors during school liturgies. They are required to attend weekly practices on Thursday after school (3:00-3:40).

A permission form and student contract will be sent home with any interested students. These must be read, signed, and returned by Tuesday September 12 in order to attend the first rehearsal Thursday September 14.

If your child enjoys singing and can be a good leader in church, please encourage them to sign up. I am particularly looking for more participation from the boys. I know many of them have beautiful voices that need to be heard!

Thank You!


Mrs. Beth Wagner

Athletic Association News

Saint Louis FC and the St. Ambrose Athletic Association have teamed up for a special fundraising night. Please join us on Saturday, September 23rd at 7:30PM when STLFC takes on FC Cincinnati at World Wide Technology Soccer Park!!!

Tickets for the game start at just $15 and $4.00 from every ticket sold will be donated back to the St. Ambrose Athletic Association!

Simply use promo code: STAMBROSE (not case sensitive) to redeem this special    offer.  Click here (or copy & paste into your web browser) to get your tickets:

World Wide Technology Soccer Park is located at:
1 Soccer Park Rd,
Fenton, MO 63026

If you have any questions, or if you need help purchasing tickets, please contact      Jeremy Cowen at 636.651.0301 or at [email protected]


The St. Ambrose Athletic Association is proud to present this opportunity for students in grades 3-8 who are interested in learning or improving chess skills. Instructors from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis will provide chess classes that teach fundamental chess elements in addition to promoting educational values that can be learned through chess. Classes are designed for one hour of instruction and practice each session. Classes will be held on Wednesday’s at 3:15 PM at St. Ambrose (exact room TBD). Instruction will be designed for beginner to intermediate player. The fee is $30 per student.

Please register by September 15, 2017 by logging into your EZRoster account via the following link:

Registration is limited to the first 20 students… So if you’re interested, please do not delay and register today!!




What is VBRD anyway?

VBRD stands for Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline. It is a spiritual approach to discipline that helps us cultivate virtue in our lives and provides a foundation for fostering faith both at school and at home. St. Ambrose has been a certified VBRD school for six years.

There are four basic guiding principles for VBRD which apply to students and adults:
1. We dedicate ourselves to living virtue.
2. We support others in living virtue.
3. We commit to being constructive in thoughts, words and deeds.
4. When faced with challenges or conflicts, we find solutions that cultivate virtue for ourselves

and others.

Part of VBRD requires adults and students to be students of virtue ourselves. Our faculty participates in regular virtue prayer circles and we are each working on our own virtue. In the classroom, we teach students that virtues are “holy habits that make us more like God.” We teach more about specific virtues and how to live more virtuously. This year our virtue is Peace and the virtue for first quarter is Charity. Each teacher holds regular class meetings or circles where after prayer, students reflect on and talk about virtues. You will see school work or projects that also reflect virtues.
When there are conflicts or when harm has been done, first we identify the harm that has been done and how it can be repaired. This allows us to all be in right relationship with God and each other, since each of us has an inviolable dignity that comes from God. We are committed to uphold that dignity for all.
This asks our students to accept full responsibility for their words and actions, to repair the harm those actions have done, and to accept any consequences. At the same time, we understand that we all can forgive and be forgiven as God forgives.
How can parents support us?
* Become a student of virtue yourself along with your family. Consider a virtue your family might want to work on.

*Consider how to cultivate peace and kindness at home, out in the community and on the sports field by the ways you speak to and about others.

*Make prayer a daily habit at home, the way we do at school.

*Attend Sunday mass and discuss the readings and homily with your family.

*When disciplining your child, commit to being constructive in words and deeds, and in repairing harm to relationships.

*When your child faces conflicts at school, allow him/her to take responsibility. If adults own the problem, children do not learn to take responsibility for their actions and solutions.

If you ever have any questions about VBRD or would like to help with any upcoming family activities, please call or email the VBRD team: Lisa Horner, Emily Elmore, Kate Black.

First Days of School


In the Classroom

6th Grade Robotics

As part of the STEM program, the 6th grade class will learn to build and code robots. This week they received their kits and began to sort through the parts before beginning the building process.

4th Grade Oreo Investigation

Mrs. Goetsch’s 4th grade class learned the important study skill of reading in-depth through a fun and tasty observation and discussion with Oreos. They followed it up by practicing with their science books and doing a high-five check-in to share what they learned.


Fall High School Nights

High School Nights provide students in  6th, 7th, and 8th grade and their parents an opportunity to hear from representatives of the Catholic high schools about their programs and policies.

High School Nights for 2017 are as follows.  All begin promptly at 7:00pm.

Tuesday, September 12– Ursuline Academy

(Sappington Road three blocks north of Big Bend; parking on rear lot off East Monroe)

Schools Presenting: Barat Academy ~ Bishop DuBourg ~ Chaminade ~ CBC ~ Cor Jesu ~ De Smet ~ Duchesne ~ Incarnate Word ~ Nerinx Hall ~ Notre Dame ~ Rosati-Kain ~ St. John Vianney~ St. Joseph’s ~St. Louis Priory ~SLUH ~ St. Mary’s ~ St. Pius X ~ Ursuline ~ Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill ~Visitation

Tuesday, September 19—-Rosati Kain High School

(Lindell at Newstead; parking on the St. Louis Cathedra Basilica lot, the lot at the corner of Lindell & Taylor, and on neighboring streets)

Schools Presenting: Bishop DuBourg ~ Cardinal Ritter ~ Chaminade ~ CBC ~ Cor Jesu ~ De Smet ~ Duchesne ~Incarnate Word ~ Nerinx Hall ~ Notre Dame ~ Rosati-Kain ~ St. John Vianney ~ St. Joseph’s ~ St. Louis Priory ~ SLUH ~ St. Mary’s ~ Trinity ~ Ursuline ~ Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill ~ Visitation

Thursday, September 21—St. John Vianney

(Lindbergh Blvd. at I-44; parking in front of school, and at the Lutheran Church headquarters lot and the store lot adjacent to the school)

Schools Presenting: Barat ~ Bishop DuBourg ~ Chaminade ~ CBC ~ Cor Jesu ~ De Smet ~ Duchesne ~ Incarnate Word ~ Nerinx Hall ~ Notre Dame ~ Rosati-Kain ~ St. Francis Borgia ~ St. John Vianney ~ St. Joseph’s ~ St. Louis Priory ~ SLUH ~ St. Pius X~ Ursuline ~ Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill ~Visitation

Thursday, September 28 – St. Mary’s High School
(South Grand Boulevard, just north of Delor Street; parking on lot in front of school)

Schools Presenting: Bishop DuBourg ~ Cardinal Ritter ~ Chaminade ~ CBC ~ Cor Jesu ~ De Smet ~ Incarnate Word ~ Nerinx Hall ~ Notre Dame ~ Rosati-Kain ~ St. John Vianney ~ St. Joseph’s ~ SLUH ~ St. Mary’s ~ Ursuline ~ Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill ~ Visitation

Tuesday, October 3 – St. Joseph’s Academy
(South Lindbergh Boulevard, just south of Highway 40; parking on school lot)

Schools Presenting: Barat Academy ~ Bishop DuBourg ~ Chaminade ~ CBC ~ Cor Jesu ~ De Smet ~ Duchesne ~ Incarnate Word ~ Nerinx ~ Notre Dame ~ Rosati-Kain ~ St. Joseph’s ~ St. Louis Priory ~ SLUH ~ Visitation

(These nights are in closest proximity to St. Ambrose.  Additional nights in St. Charles and North County are available on