About St. Ambrose

Founded in 1906, St. Ambrose offers a primary school education that emphasizes intellectual, moral, social, cultural and physical growth.

Our Vision

St. Ambrose is a leading and forward-thinking Catholic grade school which prepares students for the future in an inclusive environment that offers a foundation of faith and academic excellence. Our certified and dedicated staff will nurture and challenge St. Ambrose students to play an active role in their education, family and community.




These core values guide the primary school education experience at St. Ambrose as we prepare every student for success, not only in a challenging high school setting, but also as a global citizen and faithful Christian in the 21st Century.






Growing the child
The purpose of elementary school is to establish healthy attitudes and abilities that pay off in high school and beyond. We promote self-discipline and foster a positive self-image as a method to establish a foundation for success.

Growing the talents
Every student comes to St. Ambrose with different skills and talents. Our commitment is to develop those abilities in accordance with their potential.

Growing the faith
Our Christian faith and our dedication to serving others will instill a healthy respect for all cultures and religions while empowering students to act in accordance with Christian values as contributing participants of their civic and faith communities.

Parent Teacher Organization

St. Ambrose knows the important role that parents play in the lives of their children. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) provides you with a voice in your child’s education. Parents are invited to attend monthly meetings, and become active participants in their child’s school community.

  • Facilities

    St. Ambrose is committed to offering the best possible learning environment for our students. Learn more about the educational facilities available to enhance students’ learning.

  • Faculty

    Learn more about our certified staff and their dedication to helping students achieve their potential as active participants in their education, family and community.

  • Future Leaders

    See how we strive to create a truly unique environment that prepares our students to be Future Leaders.