St. Ambrose is committed to providing a certified and dedicated staff to nurture and challenge each and every St. Ambrose student. All of our teachers carry a degree related to their educational specialty, this includes degrees in art and music as well as specialized Master’s degrees.

St. Ambrose faculty and staff play an important role in the growth, development and faith formation of your child. Get to know the faces your children see every day.

Monsignor Vincent Bommarito

Monsignor Bommarito grew up in St. George’s parish in St. Louis. He felt a calling from an early age and became interested in the seminary after the 8th grade.

He attended St. Louis Prep High School and later attended college at Kenrick Glennon Seminary where he obtained his Master’s degree of Divinity. Monsignor has ministered to the communities at St. Monica, St. Charles, Little Flower, and St. Thomas the Apostle.

Although he considers being the pastor of St. Ambrose among his greatest accomplishments. He has served the vibrant community two different times for a total of 16 years. Monsignor is fully committed to the parish and community and makes himself available 24/7.

 Barbara Zipoli

Originally from Connecticut, Barbara has found a second home in St. Louis where she loves the strong sense of community and rich tradition provided by St. Ambrose and The Hill.

She attended Southern Connecticut University, Fontbonne University and Scranton University and holds two Master’s degrees – one in Technology and one in Educational Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys basketball, reading and spending time by the ocean.

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