Future Leaders


When St. Ambrose school was founded, it was with a dream that the children of Italian immigrants from a humble neighborhood on the city’s west side would grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

While the curriculum has changed over the years to include topics like robotics and technology, St. Ambrose has continued to make this hope a reality for generations of children. What makes St. Ambrose one of the best schools in St. Louis? We develop lifelong learners that are active leaders in their faith, family and community.


St. Ambrose offers an education focused on academic, personal and spiritual growth for grades Pre-K to 8. Our certified and dedicated staff nurture and challenge students to achieve their potential through academic rigor and self-discipline.

Why choose St. Ambrose?

The vibrant parish and community of St. Ambrose provide our students with a rich tradition and environment to grow them personally, spiritually and academically. In addition to the traditional subjects, St. Ambrose offers a cutting edge STEM lab and robotics program. We also offer our Penthouse Program, which offers inclusion and gifted programs. Beyond traditional school subjects, we also prepare children to be examples of Christ in the global community by educating in a spirit of understanding, peace and tolerance.


Our children are receiving an outstanding education both in academics and faith. All of the teachers we have worked with have been excellent. My daughters speak highly of their teachers and look forward to the many positive learning experiences provided for them. The focus on STEM throughout the curriculum is well implemented and the students enjoy many class discussions and hands on activities. We were also drawn to St. Ambrose School because of the Penthouse Program which offers both inclusion and gifted programs.

I am very fortunate to be attending a Catholic School, especially St. Ambrose. Here at St. Ambrose, I automatically feel welcomed and included when I step in the front doors. There are many reason why I feel included at St. Ambrose. One reason is how we go to mass together which makes me learn how to live and act like Jesus. Another reason why I feel involved in my school is the size of the classes and the whole school. I like having a smaller sized school because it helps my learning personally. Each individual student gets more time with the teacher to assist their needs or questions. Also having a smaller school benefits me by learning most of the kids in the school. I like to know the students in my school because it makes our school unified as one. These are the reasons why I am very fortunate to be attending a Catholic School.- Victoria, current 7th grade student

There are many options for Catholic and Charter schools in our area. We chose St. Ambrose because of it’s “feels like home” atmosphere and because of the strong focus on quality education. We did not want our children to be a number or an educational experiment, we wanted them to grow as individuals, be challenged and be supported as such. Every single teacher that we have been blessed with, truly fostered their love of learning, challenged them academically, and loved them as we do.

There are several benefits of attending a Catholic School that make acquiring a Catholic education incredibly important. You are able to expand your faith in God and your Catholic religion because you are given opportunities to attend mass and receive Holy Eucharist. The structure of a Catholic School allows you to focus on the material, learning more, growing as a person with exposure to the real world, and gifting you with valuable life lessons that you may not obtain at a public school. CYC sports are offered at Catholic Schools which build the foundation of a person with the extremely crucial values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fortitude. Lastly, at a Catholic School we receive the best education available to us because of the several diverse classes, material, and teachers which force us to think at a higher level becoming smarter. The many benefits of a Catholic education make it vital to receive in order to be successful as a well rounded person in the future. – Gracie, current 7th grade student

St. Ambrose has a strong faith-based religious program, a great athletic program, an “extended care” program that provides morning and afternoon care, a Virtue Based Restorative Discipline program, a health program and several student organizations to provide opportunities for the children. It is quite obvious that we are proud to be part of a parish church, school, and community.

I am so blessed to go to a catholic school because of countless reasons that I am excited to share. Loving and caring, my St. Ambrose family will be there for me whatever my needs are. As a community, we pray together, a gesture that is stronger than all else. Minding of my achievements is shown overwhelmingly by every teacher. I will always have something to be immensely grateful for within my catholic education at St Ambrose. – Anna, current 7th grade student

St. Ambrose School and Parish is our family. We are not Italian, not even a little bit, but we feel very much a part of the community here on The Hill. In a short time, we feel very close with many of the St. Ambrose families. We pray together, work together, and we have the best time playing together.