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Saint Ambrose is a parochial primary school located on The Hill, serving children from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

For more than 110 years, St. Ambrose school has played a key role in the lives of generations of students dedicated to their education, family, faith and community. Established in 1906 with a goal of providing local children with outstanding parochial school education, Saint Ambrose has remained committed to that goal for over a century.  Even as our sphere of students has expanded to include children from all over the metropolitan area, we have maintained our dedication to providing the best education experience in accordance with our Christian values.  We pride ourselves on combining the best new methods with the best of tradition to create a truly unique environment that prepares our students to be future leaders.

We know that choosing the right school for your child(ren) is a significant decision in your lives.  This site can help you understand the mission and strengths of Saint Ambrose Catholic School.  

Our community welcomes you!