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Saint Ambrose Catholic School shall have 10 members on the School Board.  Any lay person over 21 years of age, parent or parishioner, may be selected to serve on the School Board.  The School Board members shall be selected according to the method chosen by the pastor of Saint Ambrose School in consultation with the principal.

Meetings are held monthly with the exception of July.  The pastor and principal may cancel a meeting for good cause.  Any matter requiring action by the School Board outside of the regular agenda must be placed on the agenda one week prior to the meeting.

School Board Members

Julie Moeser, President

Reiad Khouri, Vice President

Peter Sullivan, Secretary

Derio Gambaro 

Sarah Matarazzi

Marie Wohlert

Guy Giudici

Anna Morton

Katie Hannigan

John Vacca

Ex-Officio (non-voting members)

Father Jack Siefert, Pastor

Michele Grellner, Principal

Tina Hogan, Marketing