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Saint Ambrose School offers Pre-Kindergarten classes through eighth grade beginning at three years old. While our parish and community are rooted in a strong tradition, Saint Ambrose Catholic School takes pride in offering a forward thinking approach to education. We offer an exceptional educational experience built on a solid foundation of tradition with an eye on the future.

St. Ambrose offers an education focused on academic, personal and spiritual growth for grades Pre-K to 8. Our certified and dedicated staff nurture and challenge students to achieve their potential through academic rigor and self-discipline.

Every child who attends Saint Ambrose Catholic school will receive an education designed to grow them personally, spiritually and academically.  To prepare students for the opportunities and challenges that await them, we foster creativity and divergent thinking and encourage the application of these important thinking skills to science, math and other core courses.  Beyond traditional school subjects, we also prepare children to be examples of Christ in the global community by educating in a spirit of understanding, patience and tolerance. Learn more about Faith Education at Saint Ambrose.

See the Saint Ambrose School Family Handbook for more information.



St. Ambrose offers a rigorous academic curriculum in every major subject, including Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  A strong academic foundation is essential to the creation of future leaders. St. Ambrose School places a strong emphasis on a core curriculum that utilizes the latest technology and best practices to enhance our students’ learning experience. It is this dedication to a strong curriculum that makes St. Ambrose a model for other St. Louis archdiocese schools.


Saint Ambrose Catholic School is dedicated to providing students with a technology-rich environment that enables students to collaborate, conduct research, solve problems, analyze data and communicate with teachers and peers. Technology never stops advancing, and Saint Ambrose Catholic School is committed to making sure that tomorrow's students remain on the cutting edge.  Students use the following equipment:

Preschool - iPads
Kindergarten - Dell laptops
Grades 1 to 4 - Microsoft Surfaces (Grades 1 to 3 got brand new machines this year.)
Grades 5 to 8 - Dell laptops

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Lab

STEM Labs promote collaboration and exploratory learning. Students enjoy hands-on-learning activities that allow them to apply technology, science, math, and engineering skills as they enjoy a 21st-century learning experience. Our STEM Lab has something to offer for everyone.

The House System

"Mixing Together to Make a Stronger Community"

For students in grades 6th through 8th, Saint Ambrose Catholic School offers the House System.  This system brings together students from all three grades into several mixed grade “houses.”  Teachers oversee the houses which are named after saints the students would like to emulate.   Eighth graders can apply to mentor other students as house leaders.  In additional to giving students a chance to interact with other students they might not know, it creates a community where student gain a sense of pride when they contribute to their house.  Students can earn points for their house by participating in school events, community services and extracurricular activities.

Inclusion and Challenge Programs

Learn more about the The Penthouse and Robotics programs.