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Welcome to Saint Ambrose Catholic School!

Thank you for your interest in Saint Ambrose School.  Saint Ambrose is located in the heart of The Hill.  Our Catholic faith, community, and traditions are the foundation of our school. Events such as the Italian Heritage Parade, La Festa, and the Corpus Christi Procession are just a few examples of the special bond our school and community share.

Saint Ambrose began as a two room school for the children of Italian immigrants.  Today we educate in the 21st century with a dedicated STEM lab, robotics as part of our curriculum, and the Penthouse Program who serves our children with mild to moderate learning disabilities as well as those kids ready to be challenged beyond our curriculum.  We study virtues in our school.  There are always opportunities to be kind, to persevere, and to give forgiveness.  Our middle school uses a House System where the students learn leadership, team work, and service. Most importantly, we teach our children to live like Jesus and love God.  Our Catholic faith is in the center of all we teach.  Our mission is to serve the spiritual, academic, and personal needs of our students.  

Please explore our website and I invite you to tour the school.  You may contact us at any time with questions (314) 772-1437.   Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in St. Ambrose School.

Michele Grellner, Principal