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Through instruction, guidance and development of faith, student can experience learning and living in the light of faith.

The very philosophy and foundation of Saint Ambrose is a person of Jesus Christ.  Inspired by Him and sustained by the love of the Sacred Heart, we view learning as a process integrating the spiritual, intellectual, moral and personal development of each child.  Along with other St. Louis Archdiocesan schools, we focus on Catholic identity and integrate religion, virtues, values and moral ethics across our curriculum. We lead students to an understanding of Catholic principles and virtues; guiding them to engage in their own personal relationship with God.

~Sacramental Program & Prep for 2nd Grade (First Holy Communion) and 8th Grade (Confirmation)

~All School Mass Attendance Weekly

~Weekly Perpetual Help Devotions

~Religious Studies

~First Friday Adoration & Rosary

~May Crowning


~All School Prayer Services

~Stations of the Cross

~Regular practice of attending Reconciliation