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Robotics for kids provides an opportunity for them to get into the world of electronics and robotics at an early age. Other benefits of coding include:

Kids can learn computing skills. Some robotic toys require a connection to a computer to function. Computing is a necessary skill for everyone today, and learning robotics equips kids with basic computing skills which develop as they grow older.

Robotics educates kids on the importance of teamwork/collaboration. It is a skill kids can practice with their peers, which prepares them for the future ahead.

STEM education is mandatory for students,  kids need a fun and easy way to master the fundamentals of STEM. With robotics, they are assured of learning about robotics and STEM in a fun and easy way.


Saint Ambrose offers robotics for students in Pre-K 4 (4 year olds) through 8th Grade.  The robots and systems vary per grade.  

PreK and Kindergarten

For PreK and Kindergarten, we use Code-A-Pillars to teach the basics of algorithms and programming.  

1st & 2nd Grade

First and Second Graders will work with Lego WeDo 2.0 robots with our iPads.  

3rd & 4th Grade

Third and Fourth graders work with our Lego Boost robots.

5th through 8th Grade

Grades 5th through 8th work with our Lego EV3 products.  All of the robotics coursework is within their Technology Curriculum.    

After School Robotics Team

We also offer an after school program in which we work with the Clavius Project through St. Louis University High School (SLUH).  The after-school Robotics Team now uses Lego Spike Prime robots that are brand in new 2022.  That program has a competition in January at SLUH in which all Clavius Project schools compete against one another on building skills, programming, and helpfulness to others.